Programmes Manager [CLOSED]

[This position closed on July 25th, 2016] GNDR is looking for an experienced, ambitious and self-motivated person to join our Secretariat and be responsible for the overall coordination, oversight and implementation of a range of collaborative actions and joint programmes undertaken by the membership in support of GNDR’s three strategic objectives, including the ground-breaking Frontline programme, strengthening network capabilities, and participating at relevant events/conferences at international, regional and national levels. Working with the London and regionally-based Secretariat team, the Programmes Manager role encompasses an exciting range of tasks and responsibilities such as operational planning, budgeting, programmes implementation, team management, and network capacity building. This is a full-time position. 

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

Our Purpose

GNDR was established in 2007 as a voluntary network of civil society organisations, associations and individuals who are committed to working together, and engaging with partners and other stakeholders, to increase community resilience and reduce disaster risk around the world. The network is growing and currently has 900 member organisations in over 140 countries across virtually every geographical region of the world.

Our Vision

A vibrant, active, collaborative civil society supporting people and their communities, particularly poor and vulnerable groups, to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from disasters and adapt to hazards a changing climate.

Strategic Objectives 2016-2020

GNDR has three mutually reinforcing objectives:
1. Increase the impact of civil society in influencing policies and practices at local, national and international levels;
2. Enhance collaboration capabilities of civil society and cooperation with other stakeholders;
3. Strengthen the creation, analysis and sharing of knowledge.

Purpose of the Secretariat:

The GNDR Secretariat serves as a “support entity” to the membership operating through a global hub in London and regional hubs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The GNDR Secretariat is legally constituted in the UK as a charity with the main responsibilities of facilitating the development, coordination and implementation of GNDR strategy, work plans and budgets, including supporting the mobilisation of adequate technical, human and financial resources.

Main purpose of the role:

The Programmes Manager is responsible for the overall coordination, oversight and implementation of a range of collaborative actions and joint programmes undertaken by the membership in support of GNDR’s three strategic objectives. These involve the ground-breaking Frontline programme; strengthening network capabilities, including participating at relevant events and conferences at international, regional and national levels. Working with the London and regionally-based Secretariat team, the Programmes Manager role encompasses an interesting range of tasks and responsibilities such as operational planning, budgeting, programmes implementation, team management, and network capacity building.

Position in Organisation:

• Responsible to the Executive Director
• Part of the core management team and active participant in cross-team working groups
• Member of the Finance Sub-committee
• Line management responsibilities for Regional Development Coordinators (RDCs) (NOTE: additional regional positions may be recruited funding permitting)
• Works in close collaboration with GNDR secretariat staff (i.e. Finance, Fundraising, Advocacy, Communications, Administration) including the Global Board and broader membership

Overall Scope of the Role:

1. Design, management, implementation & evaluation of GNDR programmes and activities
2. Line management and support to Regional Development Coordinators
3. Assist with team / operational planning, budgeting and financial management
4. Support Secretariat and network development & management at all levels
5. Assist with resource mobilisation and grant applications
6. Assist with internal / external communications
7. Assist with organisational learning and knowledge management
8. Representation and relationships with GNDR members and other stakeholders
9. Representing GNDR Secretariat at external meetings

Specific Duties:

Programme Management and Implementation

• In close consultation with regional staff and members, support the development, planning and implementation of global / regional programmes and priority actions
• Support the design, management and implementation of GNDR’s people-centred monitoring initiative measuring progress of the post-2015 frameworks
• Manage and implement the current Frontline grant in 15 countries
• Establish and maintain contractual relationships, MoUs and partnership agreements with programmes participants, implementing partners, consultants, advisors and other stakeholders
• Identify and develop new opportunities for collaborative programmes and activities
• Preparation and dissemination of regular activity updates and progress reports to relevant stakeholders, including timely preparation of donor and partner reports

Line management of Regional Development Coordinators (currently Asia; Africa; LAC)

• Maintain healthy line management relationships and two-way communications with regionally-based Secretariat staff, including periodic meetings and regular catch-ups and email exchanges
• Assist and support the development and implementation of regional operational plans
• Assist in prioritisation of tasks and activities
• Undertake periodic performance appraisals of direct reports, including objective setting and personal development plans
• Manage hosting arrangements for regional offices including MOUs, budgets, and contracts
• Ensure GNDR London-based staff are kept informed of regional developments, opportunities, concerns and challenges

Team Planning, Budgeting and Financial Management

• Lead on the development of annualised team & operational plans in-line with strategic objectives and identified global / regional priorities, including identifying required team competencies and capacities
• In conjunction with the Finance Manager, assist in the preparation and proactive management of operational and programme budgets
• Assist the Finance Manager in the timely preparation of management accounts
• Assist in the preparation of financial expenditure updates, cash flow projections and donor reports
• Assist with internal / external audit activities as requirements
• Assist the Fundraising Coordinator in identifying and building relationships with institutional donors and partners at global, regional and national levels
• Assist in the preparation and submission of fundraising concept notes, proposals and grant applications
• Collaborate with the Fundraising Coordinator and Finance Manager in managing donor reporting requirements in accordance with contractual obligations

Secretariat and Network Development

• Assist with the overall coordination, management and development of the Secretariat team
• Support actions to build GNDR’s operational, administrative, management and governance capabilities at global, regional and national levels
• Support the development and management of regional advisory groups in conjunction with the Global Board and Regional Development Coordinators
• Assist in the assessment of GNDR membership needs and develop corresponding capacity development plans
• Support the development of regional and national civil society networks in partnership with GNDR membership
• Identify and develop strategic partnerships and coalitions with key stakeholders
• Promote and facilitate internal organisational learning and knowledge management activities
• Active participant in internal cross-team working groups as appropriate e.g. resources; communications; membership; major events;


• Appropriate support to the Communications Coordinator in developing and maintaining strong two-way communications across the Secretariat, Global Board, wider membership and external actors / stakeholders
• Contribute to the preparation of timely and relevant briefing notes, reports, progress updates, annual reports, etc.
• In conjunction with the Advocacy Coordinator and regional staff, support policy advocacy, lobbying and campaign activities at global, regional and national levels

Monitoring and Evaluation

• Support the establishment of an integrated strategy and programme monitoring and evaluation process into GNDR work
• Supervise regular data collection and ensure quality of the data by verification and validation
• Record, manage and preserve monitoring and evaluation data in a safe and accessible way
• Provide technical support on M&E and evidence-based recommendations to the relevant partners, projects and other Secretariat staff
• Facilitate periodic independent external reviews and evaluations of GNDR work

Relationships and Representation

• Develop and maintain good working relationships with GNDR secretariat staff, global board, trustees, membership, advisors, consultants and volunteers
• Develop and maintain strong working relationships with GNDR external stakeholders, including governments, UN agencies, development banks, media, institutional donors
• Support in organising, and participation in, international, regional and national events, seminars, workshops and conferences as appropriate

Person Specification

[for Employment terms and Person specification please see Downloads section below]

Only candidates who are currently eligible
to reside and work within the UK should apply.

To apply please email a CV and Covering Letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Applications deadline is 12noon (BST), Monday 25th July 2016)


Please download the following for a detailed person specification of essential and desirable attributes/skills as well as terms of employment:


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