UN Global Platform for Disaster Reduction 2013

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Discussion paper: GP-DRR Chair's Summary


Please read a draft discussion paper that provides comments and reflections on the various actions points highlighted in the GP-DRR 2013 Chair's Summary Statement. The paper draws on the experiences of the Global Network members including the Views from the Frontline 2013 recommendations and has significant implications for the shaping of a post-2015 HFA.

Headlines from the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

21-23 May 2013.


Over 40 GNDR members joined 3500 delegates from 171 countries to actively participate in the fourth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, Switzerland 21-23rd May 2013.

The overall theme of this fourth Global Platform was Resilient People, Resilient Planetwith the conference providing an opportune time for a broad range of stakeholders to share views and discuss critical issues that will shape the development of a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction – Hyogo Framework for Action 2.

Read more about the UNISDR Global Platform for Disaster Reduction

Read about the Hyogo Framework for Action

Having experienced all previous Global Platforms and participated in each one to a growing extent, GNDR views this multi-stakeholder gathering as an important opportunity to share the themes and recommendations emerging from our Views from the Frontline research, to explore the views of other stakeholders, and to seek to share perspectives and influence government representatives, international agencies, donors, as well as fellow civil society organisations.  The GNDR team joining this fourth GP was larger than ever before and involved members form different regions working directly at grassroots level with the day-to-day challenges of strengthening resilience.

Look through the UN official records of the Global Platform including videos, photos and papers.

GNDR Headline Activities

Civil Society Consultation - Monday 20 May

civil_society_meeting_monday_AMGNDR helped to facilitate an open civil society consultation as part of GP preparation activity in Geneva. Over 100 representatives from different civil society organisations joined – many were GNDR members and many not.  The session was one of a number of stakeholder consultations exploring questions offered by UNISDR to help explore some of the key GP themes ahead of the official GO start the following day.


In the afternoon, representatives from the consultation session in the morning participated in a closed UNISDR facilitated meeting sharing the headline outputs with other state and non-state stakeholders. 


The Views from the Frontline 2013 recommendations for a post-2015 framework were shared and there was an opportunity to discuss how best to engage in the intense programme of activities over the coming three days based on experiences of attending previous Global Platforms.

Six headline outputs were presented at the afternoon session – the GNDR work on the VFL survey together with the outputs drawn from GNDR’s international conference in the Hague March 2013 attended by over 130 GNDR members from 70 countries helped with articulation of some of the core themes.


See UN Consultation Session Report


Sharing Views from the Frontline 2013 – Tuesday 21 May

VFL_presented_at_civil_society_meetinbGNDR was granted space in a 55-minute lunchtime side-event to share the headlines from VFL 2013.

The session drew 100+ people – many of whom were familiar with the VFL programme but some who were discovering it for the first time.  A GNDR panel of members involved in the programme shared the headlines and there was time for some audience Q&A.


In addition to this session, VFL2013 Summary Reports were distributed across the Global Platform in different ways.  The preparation by members in sharing the results of national and regional research and in participating in The Hague consultation conference was crucial to enabling a clear report to be published in time.


Members reported government delegations as interested in the findings and many have followed up with delegations since.



community_plenaryProviding a community perspective – Wednesday 22 May

Following the third GP in 2011, GNDR requested the opportunity for more space to share the reality of life at the frontline through community views and voices.  The opportunity provided by UNISDR to lead a session, and then to partner with the Community Practitioner’s Platform for Resilience (CPPR) to design and deliver a plenary session at the heart of the platform was welcomed.  Working together with different stakeholders was a valuable experience which offered challenges, opportunities, and lessons for GNDR to take into future partnerships.

Working in effective partnership is a key theme emerging from VFL and, as GNDR develops, there are opportunities for greater impact in this area. 

An impressive panel of experts joined in this CPP/GNDR/UNISDR session to share successes and challenges of how community-driven practices and strategies can strengthen resilience and to offer perspectives on what this means for HFA2.  GNDR facilitator Andrew Bidnell moderated the session which, following some powerful opening words from Anne Akwango, a GNDR member from Uganda, who shared an African social philosophy “I am because we are”, then enabled panellists to offer perspectives and viewpoints.  This led to comments and questions from a packed room of over 2000 delegates, following which CPP rapporteur, Violet Shivutse summarised key messages and reflections.



Ms. Haydee Rodriguez, President, Union de Cooperativas Las Brumas, Nicaragua

Ms. Godavari Dange, Director of Sakhi Federation, India

Ms. Jacqueline Araya Montero, Coordinator of Community Emergency Committee at Puerto Viejo and Social Promoter for Rural Water Systems, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Ms. Ann Akwango, Director of Programs for Development Network for Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA), Uganda

Hon. Alex Byarugaba, Member of Parliament, Isingiro District, Uganda

Mr. Jiuta Korovulavula, Regional Disaster Program Officer, Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International

H.E. Ms. Nikki Kaye, Minister of Civil Defence, New Zealand

Cel. Marcio Moura Motta, Sub-Secretary for Civil Defense, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Ms. Violet Shivutse, Shibuye Community Health Workers, Kenya



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Working together on Action at the Frontline – Thursday 23 May

TerryGNDR Operational Director, Terry Gibson, led a workshop to develop the planning for the next exciting GNDR project – Action at the Frontline.

Action at the Frontline (AFL) builds on Views from the Frontline 2013 (VFL) by taking the surveys and consultations as a basis for promoting cycles of action, reflection and learning at community level. The program was developed in response to members requests for more local action in addition to the VFL process.


Clickl here for more information



Sharing themes, recommendations and requests – before, during and after the GP


A wide range of advocacy activities have been taking place seeking to share local challenges, successes and reality with those influential at a national and international level.


One particular action worthy of note during the GP was the multi-delegation meeting organised by a group of northern civil society networks (BOND, GNDR, JANIC, Interaction) with representatives from the Dutch, European Commission, Irish, Japanese, New Zealand, Swiss, Swedish, United Kingdom and United States governments.  The meeting proved to be an excellent opportunity to  exchange viewpoints on critical issues  and for the donor governments to see a diverse range of civil society actors working collaboratively and forging consensus on core issues essential to support the implementation of DRR.


“Our three pronged approach of advocating to a) national governments b) donor governments; and c) GP-DRR Chair’s Summary drafting committee was  supported by  an extensive range of activities to disseminate the VFL 2013 recommendations on a post-2015 framework  to as many conference participants as possible.  We presented an official statement and individual GNDR members did a fantastic job contributing to the programme of thematic discussions and side events, and meeting with their respective national government delegates to talk through the VFL Report. “ 

Marcus Oxley, Executive Director, GNDR


See the official GNDR statement made at the UNISDR Global Platform 2013

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Facing everyday disasters in Haiti

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Facing everyday disasters in Uganda

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GNDR Community
Why strengthening community resilience is critical to bringing about a substantial reduction in disaster losses

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We had lots of reflections from our members. Click here to view them.



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