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85,000 ideas to strengthen community resilience

GNDR Position on Disaster Risk Reduction in the Post-2015 Discourse

In the last six years, GNDR has worked with over 85,000 community members from low-income households to gain a cross-section of perspectives from affected communities, local authorities and civil society organisations where disasters have the most impact. This massive body of evidence from our Views from the Frontline programme has revealed 6 key challenges viewed by local stakeholders as most critical to strengthening community resilience.

These 85,000 community members also have helped GNDR to understand how they manage hazards of all kinds, in a complex, uncertain and fragile environment, as their own way to identify pathways for strengthening community resilience. A global disaster risk reduction framework must be relevant to the people and communities most affected by disasters and based on the challenges faced by vulnerable people. GNDR´s research highlights 5 key recommendations to achieve this goal.

All this is summarised in our position paper 85,000 ideas to strengthen community resilience:
[pdf 824.65 Kb GNDR Position ENGLISH
[pdf 831.54 Kb GNDR Position FRENCH]
[pdf 835.91 Kb GNDR Position SPANISH

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Civil society needs a prominent role in implementing and monitoring DRR frameworks.

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BIFERD "Through our multi-sectorial approach, we encourage collaborative projects involving civil society stakeholders and government representatives to ensure that national disaster reduction systems have an effective impact on our communities"

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