27 Jan: Risk-informed development in the context of food and water insecurity

11 January 2022


27 January 2022

11:00 BET (GMT-3)  |  14:00 (GMT)  |  17:00 EAT (GMT+3)  |  19:30 IST (GMT+5:30)  |  21:00 ICT (GMT+7)

60 minutes

English with French and Spanish interpretation.

Participants can join this event online.


This webinar will strengthen participants’ understanding of the impacts on accessibility, availability and affordability of food and clean water, and how this can be dealt with through community-led initiatives in the most sustainable way.

The webinar will:

  • Provide an introduction to the topics of food and water insecurity and risk-informed development
  • Provide perspectives based on increased complexities of disasters and changing climate
  • Share tools to assess food and water insecurity
  • Present community-led initiatives
  • Bijay Kumar, GNDR
  • Shivangi Chavda, GNDR
  • Md. Zakir Hossain, Farmers’ Voice (Krisoker Sor) 
  • Pradnya Paithankar, World Food Programme
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