"90% of disasters prioritised by respondents are everyday according to Frontline. They are frequently unrecognised, unrecorded and unsupported at national and global level. It's time for a Reality Check!"




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There is no translation available.Frontline: A programme that uniquely finds out from local people what threats they face: Billions of people across the world at the Frontline of disasters face the everyday reality of multiple threats of all kinds, both extraordinary and everyday, impacting their lives and livelihoods. Many are poorly understood or documented. Local communities are often left to deal with them through self organisation and self reliance. They…
There is no translation available.The challenge: Everyday disasters Over 50% of disaster losses are forgotten. Unrecorded, unacknowledged, unsupported. On the brink of launching a new UN framework for reducing disasters this is a disturbing statistic. Few of these disasters are recognised and recorded in the official statistics. Take a reality check. Remember these forgotten disasters – not just those that make media headlines – and shape legislation, policy and action…
There is no translation available.The role of resilience When faced with shocks and stresses of many kinds, both large scale and everyday how do communities maintain and strengthen their lives and livelihoods? The Frontline 'Resilience Circle' shows the relationship between communities and the threats they face, the underlying causes driving these, the developmental pressures lying behind all of this and the factors which strengthen or erode resilience to all these…
There is no translation available.Frontline: understanding everyday disasters and resilience Frontline starts with individual conversations with the holders of local knowledge about risk and resilience:What is unique about Frontline is its ability to gather the thousands of individual conversations together through a qualitative analysis methodology by analysing what people say, and then combining local knowledge at local, national and even global level. 
There is no translation available.Frontline findings, headlines and detail  Frontline shares knowledge gathered from thousands of conversations. These findings can be accessed interactively at the Frontline interactive data platform.
There is no translation available.Local impact is a critical measure of progress in the frameworks being established in 2015 and beyond. A vital component of assessing this is Local knowledge of the many threats that affect communities . Frontline will establish baselines during 2015-2016 as a basis for ongoing monitoring during the currency of these frameworks. The assessment provided by Frontline provides a unique and valuable perspective drawn from local experience and…
There is no translation available.Resources Frontline is an open source resource that is available to GNDR members, many of whom have been involved in its development, and to all other organisations interested in using it. Find out here about the methodology, implementation guidelines and datasets. 
There is no translation available.How to get involved Frontline provides a valuable resource and opportunity for action at local, national and international level, based on its unique ability to gather and share local experience of threats, consequences, actions and barriers: providing a unique local perspective on building resilience. GNDR members, civil society organisations, local and national governments, private enterprise, international organisations and frameworks, and academic and research organisations all have…
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