WCDRR 2015

GNDR launched the Reality Check campaign, at the Third UN Word Conference for DRR (WCDRR) in Sendai, 14-18th March 2015. There, GNDR presented the Civil Society Implementation Plan, the Frontline programme and hosted a number of side events in Sendai.

Also at Sendai, we providedlive updates from our Global Board members and Secretariat to keep you updated on the events, discussions and outcomes from Sendai. You can read below the blogs from GNDR members and staff, follow the conversations that took place online on Storify, on Twitter and Facebook. We also used the hashtag #GNDRrealitycheck in tweets and facebook posts.

Enjoy the blogs!

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dimanche, 15 mars 2015 00:00

Reality or Delusion?

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"We entered today to the Conference Centre from different lines: one for Civil Society, the other one for diplomats and government officials. What would happen if there is a fire? Would there be priorities in saving lives whether you are a government official, diplomat or an NGO worker and go through our respective doors again? or would we use any door to get out and be safe?" writes Rex Horoi, GNDR Global Board member for Pacific region, to illustrate how this post 2015 DRR framework should not maintain lines and divisions but be for the future benefit of all human kind.
dimanche, 15 mars 2015 00:00

Sendai sunshine

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"After the pomp and ostentation of the WCDRR opening ceremony, the dividing lines between powerful and powerless are no more clearly drawn than here, where VIPs sweep up to the entrance whilst the more ordinary file in by the clogged high security queues and civil society representatives have very few seats at the table. Yet, those dividing lines of power and powerlessness, which are a mere nuisance at this conference, are what shape the consequences of climate change and other threats for billions worldwide."
samedi, 14 mars 2015 00:00

Coming together at the WCDRR in Sendai, Japan

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There is excitement about 2015 but also apprehension, as it will bring major decisions on Disaster Risk Reduction, Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals and for Climate Change negotiations that will impact on the lives of everybody but particularly on the poor and the marginalised and are presenting inclusion challenges on communities that struggle to find a voice in these negotiations. Away from the main conference venue, different members of civil society organizations and NGOs were discussing lively on how CSOs do however connect to communities, bring their stories to the front and share research and development models that have given results. We left on the note that we need to work together at a regional level through the CSO roles in the implementation of the HFA 2 and related activities.
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Harjeet Singh, GNDR member, questions the puzzling silence and reluctance of the new framework draft document to deal with the issue of climate change and its increasingly devastating impacts, and how climate change adaptation needs to be supported by disaster risk reduction experiences, so both the UN institutions and practitioner communities can bring the two together in unison and compliment each other's work, to create a safe and sustainable world.
vendredi, 13 mars 2015 00:00

Seeing snow for the first time

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"Should snow fall in the Solomon islands, Bangladesh, Mauritius or Nigeria this would be remarkable, even in these times of extreme weather events; but less remarkable than agreement on a wise and progressive framework rooted in reality and recognising the grinding impact of everyday disasters on much of the world's population."
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The new Post–2015 DRR Framework launched at the World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan in March asks for different groups to define their own roles in achieving the framework's outcomes. These are the six roles that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) can play in making sure the Post-2015 DRR Framework has an impact at the frontline. 

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