Everyday Disasters - Reality Check from Honduras

Carlos Hernández, Director of ASJ Carlos Hernández, Director of ASJ
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Everyday Disasters – A reality check from Honduras

Honduras – 5000 were killed in Hurricane Mitch, 40,000 have been killed since in homicides

Everyday disaster? Asks Carlos Hernandez

Interviewed in his home community of Nueva Suyapa on the edge of Honduras's capital city Carlos Hernandez explained that this informal community of 30,000 people, like many in the country, struggles under the burden of the many everyday disasters that strike it:

"The story of Honduras is that in the last 10 years more than 40,000 people died as a result of violence. During Mitch, 5,000 people died. The problem here is that when you have those extreme events you can show directly the magnitude of the disaster. But when we talk about the loss of 20 lives every day in one single country, it's only us that mourn that, while they do not present that as a disaster, and it is shown as a person who died. Nevertheless...20 people died! Here, I believe International Cooperation needs to open their eyes."

Uncontrolled development in Tegucigalpa leaves communities like Nueva Suyapa lacking safe building, roads, main services and education and so they continue to face threats from floods, storms, disease and poor health ... leading to unemployment, particularly among youth, and to social disintegration, increasing crime and addiction.

"We have areas here almost abandoned because of this everyday disaster that is violence. It is a disaster because the police, even the whole justice system was infiltrated by organised crime, and that was a result of corruption."

GNDR's Frontline held conversations with over 13,000 people in Latin America, including Honduras, and found that 90% of disasters prioritised by respondents are everyday disasters, rather than large scale and intensive, with many resulting, as Carlos says, from crime and corruption. His civil society organisation, GNDR member Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa, is tackling these underlying causes; campaigning to end corruption and establish a more just society.

It's time to take real life at the frontline into account. It's time for a Reality Check.

Watch the video at GNDR YouTube channel.

Carlos Hernandez is a director of Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (ASJ), the Transparency International Honduran chapter NGO, campaigning to end corruption and establish a more just society.



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