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Awardees will be announced at the GNDR Global Summit, every 2 years Geoff Crawford

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Since its inception at the Global Platform for DRR in Geneva in June 2007, GNDR membership has grown steadily making of GNDR the largest international network of organisations committed to working together to improve the lives of people affected by disasters world-wide. Our current membership spreads across more than 100 countries worldwide, in excess of 1,000 organisations.

The majority of these organizations are grass-root level, small-scale CSOs that, within their limited resources and capacities have been working with communities at risk for years. Despite their inherent challenges, they are relentlessly working to reduce the vulnerability of their working communities and to increase their resilience. Often their selfless efforts go unnoticed; except within the communities for whom they work.

GNDR wants to change this, and make a small effort to recognize the invaluable contribution of these organizations and the individuals that work form them towards creating tomorrow’s resilient world. Therefore, GNDR introduced at its Global Summit 2018 in Kuala Lumpur the GNDR Excellence Award for its members (either organizations or individuals) across four categories. These awards will be given every two years, based on received nominations, and will be judged by an independent jury of internationally renowned DRR professionals.


This biennial award program was announced in May 2018 at GNDR’s Global Summit in Kuala Lumpur. For the first time, the nominations will be received during June – August 2018 and the final awardees will be announced in September 2018. Going forward, this award program will be timed so that the announcement of the awardee can be made at the GNDR Global Summit every two years.

Deadlines 2018 Awards

  • Deadline for receipt of nominations: August 31st 2018
  • Award Announcement: September 2018


The awards will be given in four categories, as follows:

‘Excellence in Collaboration’ Award

Recognising excellence in co-operative and joint working across sectors, actors and scales.  This could include examples of:

  • work that exemplifies the principles of mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration and improves the knowledge and skills of others;
  • joint working across and between the governments, departments, or Local Authorities that is empowering communities and boosting growth;
  • successful project, policy or public service delivery achieved through effective leadership, negotiation and collaboration with others.
‘Excellence in Innovation’ Award

Recognising a team or individual that has sought new and/or better ways of doing things and taken sensible risks to improve outcomes and successfully address an issue or challenge. This could be through:

  • using innovative approaches to policy-making and delivery, such as open policy-making, behavioural insight or alternatives to regulation;
  • challenging the status quo, trying something new, adapting and refining when things have not worked well, and learning in the development of policy or services;
  • taking an approach that has resulted in a step-up from the usual approach and delivered real benefits. 
‘Excellence in Inspirational Leadership’ Award

Recognising an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in delivering results. This award is open to all, regardless of grade or role. Nominees should be:

  • inspiring others about GNDR’s mission through setting direction, valuing professionalism and embracing innovation;
  • inclusive and confident in engaging others, communicating clearly and collaborating successfully for local and community resilience;
  • empowering through openness and a commitment to diversity, recognising and helping others fulfil their potential to enjoy the benefits of people-centered sustainable development.
‘Excellence in Stakeholder Engagement’ Award

This award will be completely reserved for National/Local Governments (or, any of their departments, ministries or representatives). The award can go to a certain agency of the government or an individual working for it. Nomination can be submitted by any GNDR member working in that country. If no nomination is submitted in a given year or the information provided is not adequate/cannot be validated, the award may not be granted. The award will be given based on the success of any particular government to engage different stakeholders (CSOs in particular) in developing different policies and implementing those at the local level. The jury will judge to what extent government was open in inviting different stakeholders to the discussion table and how it provided them with options for participation. For the award cycle of 2018 and 2020, particular attention will be given to successful implementation of target E of the SFDRR.  


The scope of the award program will be restricted to full members of GNDR. If a person is nominated for her/his individual achievement, s/he must be an affiliate member (formally attached to a full member organisation) of GNDR.
To be noted, no Secretariat staff (either current or former), Trustees or active members of the Global Board will be eligible for nomination. However, Board members who served previously but currently have no relationship with GNDR’s operation or strategic direction, can be nominated for the awards. 


Nominations can only be submitted through an official application form. Nominations can either be self-nomination or one member can nominate another fellow member. All the mandatory fields of the form need to be completed with the best available data or a reasonable estimate.    

Assessment Criteria

Selection criteria will vary depending on the award and will be decided by a jury and included in the application form. However, from a broad perspective, all the awards will be judged against the below criteria (non-exhaustive, indicative list):

  • Originality of the initiative
  • Level of impact
  • Use of local resource/capacity/knowledge
  • Medium and long term effect on reducing vulnerability/increasing resilience
  • Inclusivity of the actions – Gender mainstreaming and participation of the vulnerable groups.

Assessment Process

The GNDR Secretariat will collate all the submitted nomination forms and compile these in a tabular format against the different assessment criteria and respective weightings. Based on this assessment, the Secretariat will prepare an initial recommendation shortlist to be submitted to the jury panel for their final decision. 

Jury Panel:

The jury panel that will make the final decision on the awards will consist of at least 3 individuals. Efforts will be made to ensure the panel is gender balanced, and selected from different regions. They will ideally not be associated with GNDR, in order to minimize any possible bias, and will be internationally recognized DRR professionals working in the field for a long period.

Award value:

Every awardee will receive:

  • One award certificate
  • One award trophy/memento
  • A trip to UNISDR’s next Global Platform

In addition, all the awardees and their short profile will be placed in a special page on GNDR’s web-site along with previous winners.

Complaints towards award decisions:

The jury panel will try to select the most deserving candidates for the award to the best of their ability and understanding. However, as the award decision is subjective, their decision will be reserved as ‘final’ and cannot be challenged.

How to apply

  • For submitting your nominations please use one of the following links: [ENGLISH] [FRENCH] [SPANISH]
  • Download here the GNDR Excellence Awards Concept Note: [ pdfENGLISH228.36 KB] [ pdfFRENCH279.79 KB] [ pdfSPANISH274.43 KB]
  • For enquiries or further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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