Pre-Summit information: GNDR Global Summit 2016

19th-21st April 2016 | Global Network - Local Action 

This webpage provides information previous to the 3rd GNDR Global Summit to happen in April 19-21 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Here you can find out more about the event, its objectives, who will attend in person and options to follow the event.

What is the GNDR Global Summit?

Every 2 or 3 years GNDR members and partners gather to discuss future plans. The last one was in March 2013 in The Hague, Netherlands. Our 2016 Global Summit will bring together GNDR members, our Global Board, the Secretariat, as well as other partners to celebrate our new strategy, build relationships, share ideas, reach a mutual understanding of our future direction, and identify opportunities for collaboration that will improve local resilience.

What will be discussed at the 2016 GNDR Global Summit?

The specific objectives of the Summit are to:

1. Establish ownership of GNDR Strategy 2016-2020 and key programmes

The GNDR Strategic Plan 2016-2020 has been developed through a process which included seven regional consultations. In order for GNDR to achieve its aim of bringing civil society together for resilient development, and to work together effectively, members must feel a sense of ownership of the strategy and key programmes. Here you are the final GNDR Strategy 2016-2020:

2. Build network understanding of member priorities, capacities, and local experiences and approaches, and enthusiasm to engage in collaborative actions across the network

By sharing the variety of experiences from across the network, this will inform and strengthen the work we undertake together in our new strategy.

3. Enable the network to develop regional and national contextualisation of the GNDR Strategy 2016-2020.

This will involve creating space for regional discussions on priorities, context and actions going forward to take the strategy down to the regional and local levels. Elements of regional workplans will be developed and commitments established.

You can download here the agenda of the summit:

Attending and participating

GNDR was able to financially support 100 Southern-based members to attend the Summit, but all other members and partners were welcome and invited to attend! In fact, the summit has brought together around 130 individuals from all over the world. You can download below the list of participants, discover what their organisations do, and some of the achievements and challenges of their organisations:

  • List of participants [PDF available on request to the Secretariat]

Also, there were opportunities to engage online. The link below shows the available online sessions and the form of participation. Around 20 members joined online despite the difficulties with the timezones.


For those attending in person, we prepared a Logistics Pack to help answer any questions you have about your time in Thailand. This includes information about local transport to the venue and emergency phone numbers. You can download the Logistics Packs here:

Other resources

Following the summit

During the 3 days of the summit, the main plenary sessions on Tuesday and Thursday were available and were broadcast live for all members registered for online participation. The Summit could also be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #GNDRSummit.


Welcome to the 3rd GNDR Global Summit Annie Woodson

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