My inspiring week in Malaysia!

Melano Tkabladze, Surya Shresta and Syed Harir Shah (from left to right) Geoff Crawford

Melano Tkabladze, Projects manager at CENN (Caucasus Environmental NGO Network) attended GNDR's 2018 Global Summit. Read her thoughts on her participation to our Global event!

The selection process to participate in the “GNDR Global Summit 2018 - Stronger Together: Connecting Communities!” was quite competitive. Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) was thrilled to be selected as one of the participants of GNDR’s Global summit. It was an excellent opportunity for us (CENN) to create new contacts with members from around the world facing the same challenges in their own countries in terms of disaster risk reduction and management. The GNDR summit brings its members together by providing opportunities to increase collaboration and sharing knowledge across the network.

During the four days in Malaysia (22-25 May, 2018) there were plenty of themes presented by different delegates focusing on natural hazards. The GNDR mission and objectives were also discussed at the meetings. In addition, new approaches and methodologies to fight against natural disasters were also introduced by representatives from Malaysian state institutions. As a result of the summit, opportunities to increase collaboration and share knowledge has enabled CENN to further progress and become stronger.

Moreover, practical exercises were also useful for the participants in order to properly implement DRR and DRM strategies and action plans in each individual country. The summit also enabled CENN to participate in the “Speaker’s Corner Session.” CENN’s DRR internet web portal and the GreenWatch mobile application were introduced to the participants during the session. It was also emphasized that women and youth are highly supported by CSOs to be involved in DRR and DRM processes in Georgia. The knowledge gained and the new networking opportunities will help CENN and the country further progress and address the challenges related to DRR and DRM in Georgia.

Another important part of the summit was a cultural event that introduced us to Malaysian culture and traditions. Live music, national dances, and delicious local food were very interesting and impressive. This event was a symbol of friendship, connecting people to become stronger together.

Now that the summit is over, CENN hopes to keep in touch with the other regional country representatives in order to work together and implement future joint projects and activities. In the meantime, CENN will continue advocating and lobbying for DRR and DRM issues at the local and national level.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone from the GNDR Secretariat team for such a successful and magical time in Malaysia.

Melano Tkabladze, Projects Manager CENN



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