Meet with GNDR volunteers : Jeremie Papa Pluss Kamano

Jeremie Papa Pluss Kamano

This week e-meet with one of GNDR's translator volunteers, Jeremie Papa Pluss Kamano . Jeremie has been translating diverse content from articles, blogs and reports from English to French. Translation work is essential in our daily communications as the official languages of our global network are: English, Spanish and French.  

Name: Jeremie Papaa Kamano 

Role: United Nations Online Volunteer/ Volunteer Translator English-French GNDR

About me:  I currently teach English in private schools (Sannou, Oka and les Anges Gardiens) in the city of Conakry, Guinea. I am also a longtime online volunteer through the United Nation volunteering program (UNV). I am experienced in translation, proofreading, copy editing, research, volunteer management, and translation projects coordination.

In the past, I have worked with the Liberian Agricultural Company in Grand Bassa County as a Projects Coordinator promoting Community Development amongst the Liberian youth, in Ganta (201 miles from Monrovia). I have started online volunteering with the United Nations in 2014, since then I collaborated with over 25 INGOs and UN agencies, UNESCO, International Bridge for Justice. During that time, I had the opportunity to complete translation jobs for a Croatian NGO Odrazi (Open Society for Idea Exchange), as well as numerous other translations for the World Resources Forum, UNDP, Plan international Ireland, UNICEF Guinea amongst others.

Interest working with GNDR: I have started translating for GNDR in February 2018, from English to French. It’s an amazing experience for me as it expands my knowledge of one of the key sustainable development area: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).Through the translations, I can now better grasp the work of civil society organisations worldwide supporting local communities in building their capacities in resilience. I highly appreciate learning about GNDR’s wide range of innovative initiatives. My weekly activities enabled me to be trained in CAT (Computer assisted translation) tool used by GNDR: Memsource. Overall, my volunteering experience helps me understand how an international organisation is operating; I gained invaluable knowledge while working online. I feel definitely ready to work full time in an international organisation. Volunteering also makes me useful and fulfils my aspiration of helping others and learning more on sustainable issues!

Career aspirations: I hope that with the experience gained, I might get, thanks to GNDR, a field position on a specific development project or as an interpreter to better serve the reduction of disasters, poverty, hunger, and inequality. I dream of a peaceful world providing equal opportunities to all.

To learn more about Jeremie, visit his webpage:

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