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Lots has happened across the CBDRM project the last couple of months, with leadership forums, learning exchanges and roll out of the GNDR global Cookbook on Institutionalising Sustainable CBDRM. Here is a quick update.

Our regional partners have organised and hosted local leadership forums, bringing together local leaders in sustainable CBDRM to share their stories, identify good practices and discuss the importance of local leadership and good governance in building community resilience through CBDRM, along with the challenges that these local leaders face.

The LAC and African leadership forums took place in parallel with their respective regional platforms for DRR in Colombia and Tunisia, and the Asian one backed onto the Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management in Nepal. These forums were a great opportunity for local leaders to share CBDRM best practices and promote the importance of good governance in DRR at the local level.

In addition, our national partners organised and led CBDRM learning exchanges. These exchanges aimed to enable organisations to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work by learning from a similar organisation operating in a different context.

Bringing local actors together for three days, these exchanges took place between Niger and Burkina Faso; Chile and the Dominican Republic; and India and the Philippines. Participants shared their knowledge and experience in implementing sustainable and institutionalised CBDRM, visited project communities and developed sustainability plans to help enhance the sustainability of the CBDRM practices in the communities visited.

The learning exchange in the Dominican Republic also had a guest appearance from GNDR Executive Director Bijay Kumar.

Whereas those local leadership forums and learning exchanges happened at the regional and national levels, at the global level, GNDR has recently published a cookbook on the critical success factors for sustainable and institutionalised CBDRM.

This cookbook presents common ingredients found in successful CBDRM examples across the world, along with a selection of case studies identified as best practices.

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