VFL 2019 underway!

GNDR’s flagship programme Views from the Frontline (VFL) is underway again! 

Following a pilot, VFL 2019 is being rolled out in a further 48 countries. So far 38 National Coordinating Organisations (NCOs) have been selected.

The selected 38 NCOs from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Arab States, Asia and Pacific were trained in three Regional Workshops which were held in their respective regions – in Colombia, Kigali and Jakarta – in October and November.

The regional workshops were facilitated by the GNDR VFL team and were co-facilitated by Data Consultants and team of experts from Philippines and Tonga, regions that were previously selected as pilot locations.

GNDR organised these workshops to train the NCOs, so that they in their turn can train their respective partner organisations on how to conduct the VFL methodology.

In interactive sessions, the attendees learned how to select the communities to sample, how to conduct the survey and how to input data.

The participants also learned about possible challenges and received facilitation tips that may come in handy when doing mock surveys in the field.

The key outputs of the workshops were:

  • Better understanding of the approach and methodology of VFL 2019
  • Better understanding of the survey questionnaire and how to fill in survey forms
  • Facilitation tips that may come in handy in the field
  • Understanding of the data inputting tool to use for VFL 2019, gained through mock exercises

The NCOs will now form National Advisory Committees - consisting of national stakeholders such as civil society organisations, government officials, private and corporate stakeholders and academia. These committees will help the NCOs with critical inputs such as the selection of risk areas and communities for the surveys.

The next steps will then be for the NCos to select Partner Organisations and train them on how to conduct the survey.

If you are interested in being a Partner Organisation for VFL, get in touch with the NCO in your country, a list of which can be found on the GNDR website.


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