Global Summit 2020: FAQs

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Selection and Participation 

What are the selection criteria for the Summit?

GNDR tries to ensure a diversity of participants in all its events and the Summit is no exception. Applicants will be principally assessed for the quality of their responses to the narrative questions in the application form (those with points awarded), but we will also try to ensure diversity of participants against the following criteria: 

  • Length of membership
  • Geographic region (proportionate to where the membership is present)
  • Size of organisation
  • Gender (we aim for at least 50% participation from women at the Summit)
  • Age (we aim for 10% participation from young people, under the age of 30)
  • Disability
  • Previous engagement in projects
  • Area of work

Applicants’ attendance at previous events, and their contributions to those events, will also be considered. Only one person per organisation will generally be accepted, except in very exceptional circumstances.

These criteria have been reviewed and agreed by Regional Advisory Groups.

A small amount of places will be reserved for new members attending from North Africa and West Asia as the host region.

When will I know if I have been selected for the Summit?

We aim to be able to confirm which members have been selected by mid-December.

When will I know if I have been selected to lead a session as part of the member-led section of the programme?

We aim to be able to confirm which members have been selected by late December or early January.

Do Board and RAG members automatically get an invite to the Summit?

As the regionally representatives, Board members are always invited to the Summit in order to ensure that they have a chance to interact with members, to encourage accountability and because as the leadership of the network, they play an active role at the Summit.

As there are nearly 80 Regional Advisory Group members, if we were to extend an invite to each RAG member, there would be no space for other members to attend. While recognising the important role that RAG members play, we are therefore unable to invite all RAG members to attend and they must apply like other members.

Both RAG and Board members must submit an application if they would like to lead a member-led session and these will be considered alongside applications from all other members.

I’m an Associate, can I come?

Yes, we will accept some limited applications from Associate members, though Full Members will be prioritised.

Can I come if I pay for myself?

We welcome applications from members who can fund their own participation. This will be limited to approximately 30 participants. If you would like to fund your own attendance at the Summit, please fill in the Summit application form, stating that you will fund your attendance.

Can I invite other people from my organisation?

If your organisation is a Full Member of GNDR then you can invite others to attend. However, we will only accept more than one person per organisation in very exceptional circumstances and you may be asked to demonstrate how you will both add value through your participation.

How can I participate from home?

Some of the plenary sessions will be livestreamed and we will share the link with all members closer to the Summit. We are unable to livestream all sessions as some of them are not appropriate for online engagement (e.g. if it involves games or lots of interaction between the delegates present)



What is covered by GNDR and what is not covered?

GNDR will pay for the cost of your flights, your transportation in Egypt and all meals for the duration of the Summit once you have landed. (This does not include meals while you are in transit). We will also pay for the hotel for the nights of 15,16,17 and 18 March (and sometimes other nights if it is required because of your flights).

GNDR will not pay for your travel insurance, any vaccinations that you require, your visa or your travel to the airport in your country of origin. Any additional nights that you choose to stay in the hotel will also not be covered by GNDR.

GNDR does not pay per diems as a matter of policy, in line with donor requirements.

Can I choose my own flight?

You will be consulted on your flight and we will do everything we can to make the flight as convenient for you as possible, but you will not be able to choose your own flight. In order to be able to bring as many members as possible to the Summit, we often need to choose the most economical flight option.

Who is responsible for getting my visa?

You are! Please start this process as soon as you know that you have been accepted to the Summit. GNDR will provide you with a visa support letter when required, but you are responsible for securing your own visa and for paying for it. If you leave this too late and then are unable to attend the Summit, you will have taken a place away from another member and we will take this into consideration when you apply for future events and workshops.

What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed, or my luggage is lost?

If your flight is cancelled or your luggage is lost, you will need to contact your airline directly. It is very important that you take out your own travel insurance before travelling - doing so is generally inexpensive and you will be thankful for it if anything does go wrong. When we can help, we will (please email عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.) but in general these problems can only be resolved by the airline.

What happens if I miss a flight or cannot attend the Summit?

Once you have confirmed your flights and they have been purchased, you must attend the Summit. Not doing so means that another member has missed out on attending and GNDR stands to lose money. If you cancel at the last minute, or miss your flight, you will be asked to reimburse the costs involved to GNDR and this will be considered when you apply for future GNDR events. Very rare exceptions to this may involve an unexpected illness of yourself or an immediate family member.

How do I get from the airport to the Summit location?

A logistics note will be sent to all participants closer to the date. This transportation will be arranged by GNDR. Please let us know if you have any additional needs such as wheelchair access.

Can I bring my spouse?

You are welcome to bring your spouse, but any additional costs must be bourne by you. Your spouse will not be able to attend the Summit unless they have registered in their own right as we only have limited space available.

Can I bring my baby?

GNDR will make every attempt to ensure that there is equal participation of both men and women at the Global Summit. On some occasions, this may include facilitating the travel of women with childcare duties. If you would like to bring your baby to the Summit, or need to make childcare arrangements at home while you travel, please let us know on the Summit application form and we will be in touch with more information about how we can support you.

Can I stay for extra nights?

Yes, but the cost of those nights must be bourne by you. Please fill in the nights that you would like to stay in the Summit application form.

Can I leave earlier?

If GNDR has funded your participation, we will expect you to attend the full Summit. This means every session of the Summit - we will be keeping a record and will consider your attendance and participation in sessions when you apply for future GNDR events.



Will there be interpretation available at the Summit?

Yes - simultaneous interpretation will be available for all of the plenary sessions in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Interpretation in the member-led sessions will be limited, but we aim to create an agenda where there will be at least two sessions in every language at any point in time.

Can I come if I don’t speak English, French, Spanish or Arabic?

Sadly not. Interpretation is incredibly costly, and at this point in time we can only offer interpretation in those four languages.



Will I get a certificate for participation?

GNDR will not be offering certificates for attendance at the Summit.

How is the agenda set?

The agenda is comprised of two different types of sessions - plenary sessions and member-led sessions. For the process on member-led sessions, please see below. Plenary sessions will be set by the agenda working group, comprised of various Secretariat staff members, including regional staff. They will take into account the next GNDR Strategy, the capacity strengthening needs expressed by members in the capacity assessment in 2018, the membership survey in 2019, and the results of the last question in the Summit application form (about what members would like to see at the Summit).

What are the selection criteria for the member-led sessions?

The shortlisting of applications for the member-led sessions will be carried out by the Secretariat and will be judged on the quality of the 100-word statement submitted as part of the application process for the Summit. Priority will be given to those sessions that meet the capacity strengthening needs expressed by members in the capacity assessment in 2018, the membership survey in 2019, and the results of the last question in the Summit application form (about what members would like to see at the Summit). Consideration will be given to how well the session complements the rest of the agenda. Approximately 30 shortlisted applications will then be put to the membership for a vote.



How is the host country of the Summit chosen?

A number of factors are considered in selecting the destination of the Summit. These include the ease of getting members there (whether it is a flight hub and the difficulty of securing a visa) and the cost. There are also some strategic considerations, including whether there is a member that can support the logistics of the event, and whether it is a region in which the network would benefit from growth.

Is it safe?

A number of major conferences have been organised recently in Egypt with no security concerns, including the UN Biodiversity Conference in Sharm El Sheikh in 2018. Cairo is a major tourism hub and the crime rate is generally low, though members should be vigilant as in any major city. Security advice will be circulated by our partner and regional network, RAED, closer to the Summit.


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