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With 1,835 members in 130 countries we are the largest international network of civil society organisations (CSOs) working together to strengthen the resilience of communities most at risk of disasters.

Capacity strengthening

Get exclusive access to learning and exchange opportunities on topics including fundraising, advocacy, project management and thematic areas like climate change, food and water insecurity, and gender inequality.

Advocacy opportunities

Member organisations are invited to contribute their knowledge and expertise to new research on localisation and risk-informed development, and shape our regional and global advocacy priorities.

Research at the front line

GNDR membership allows your CSO to apply to be an implementing partner for our research and community resilience programmes in the country where your organisation is based.

Connect and collaborate

Engage with other GNDR members at national, regional and global levels, both online and in-person. Access our exclusive members website, workshops and Global Summit.

Latest resources and news

Receive our regular members’ newsletter and find out about new resources, toolkits. policy papers and opportunities as soon as they are published.

Raise your profile

As part of a global network your organisation has the opportunity to engage and collaborate with over 1,700 members worldwide. You can raise the profile of your organisation – as well the priorities of risk-informed development and localisation.

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Applying for membership is easy. Eligible organisations just need to complete our online application form and upload a couple of documents that confirm the organisation they work for.

If your organisation is already a GNDR member you can simply register yourself as an individual. We will then link you to your organisation and you can access all benefits.

Apply now

Membership is open to all civil society organisations who work in disaster risk reduction or have an interest in strengthening the resilience of communities. Becoming a member organisation is straightforward and free. There are no annual membership fees.

Once an organisation becomes a GNDR member all of its staff are eligible to access the full range of benefits and engagement opportunities.

Individuals who are engaged in disaster risk reduction but don’t work for civil society organisations can apply to be associates of the network (see below).

Individuals who do not work for civil society organisations, but are engaged in disaster risk reduction can apply to become associates of GNDR. For example, if you work for a government department or local authority, UN agency, university or private sector company.

Associates get all of the benefits outlined above. However, occasionally some opportunities with limited places or designed for organisations rather than individuals may only be available to full member organisations.