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Our members are NGOs, charities, community groups and nonprofits, mostly from the global south and often working directly with their local communities.

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All of the organisations that are members of GNDR are listed in our online directory of members. You can use it to find a particular organisation, view member organisations in a specific region, or search by the type of organisation.


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If you’re a GNDR member you can search and connect with individuals from other organisations on the Community Platform, our networking website made exclusively for members.

Members can also use the Community Platform to share news and events, start collaborating on projects and learn more about disaster risk reduction.

National focal points represent members in each country. They lead the activities of the network at the national level and convene activities at the regional level.

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Get access to exclusive benefits when you join our diverse network of civil society organisations. Membership is free and open to all organisations that work in disaster risk reduction and resilience.