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25 March 2019


Risk Management (CBDRM) microsite.

This is a website exclusively dedicated to all things CBDRM, where you can find information about our CBDRM projectlearning resources, filterable by topic, ingredient, country and region, and information about past and upcoming activities.

In the resource library you can find critical success factors – or “ingredients”- of sustainable and institutionalised CBDRM, as well as 10 examples of how you can implement CBDRM successfully – or“recipes”.

We have also published 52 CBDRM good practice case studies from Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with an additional 32 to become available in the coming weeks.

For the complete picture, you can of course also access the complete CBDRM “Cookbook” in English, Spanish and French on the site.

In the resource library we have also uploaded the episodes available of our new podcast series ‘Cooking Up Resilience’.

The first couple of podcasts feature guests from Pakistan and the Philippines, who share successful stories about how they’ve implemented CBDRM in a sustainable or institutionalised way.

The podcasts are also available on GNDR’s Community Platform.

Visit our site today and please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any queries or want more information.

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