Adessou Kossivi

1 October 2021

Kossivi is the current Regional Lead of Africa at Global Network of Civil Society Organisation for Disaster Reduction (GNDR).

He holds a Master Degree in International Environmental Law (IEL) and a bachelor in Literature and critics. He has worked and developed expertise in Climate Change (CC), and Disaster Risk Management (DRM). He has gained expertise in leading and coordinating civil society organisations and networks in Africa.

Kossivi is a strong advocate of shifting power from the international system to community-led capacities, preparedness, and response facilitated by the local organisations.

He has worked in Togo, Mozambique, and Senegal covering climate change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management, and development topics.

He is the current Co-chair of the Director Board of Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I). He speaks French and English with basic knowledge of Portuguese.

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