Global Summit 2024 announced

26 September 2023


Global event will bring together civil society, donors, institutions and DRR practitioners to share innovation, collaborate and take action on localisation and risk-informed development.

Hosted by GNDR, the Global Summit will take place on 20-22 February 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The unique global gathering will be an opportunity for participants to network, learn about the latest challenges and solutions in disaster risk reduction, and build new partnerships for localisation.

Civil society organisations, institutional funders, DRR experts, academics, businesses and representatives from communities most at risk of disasters will be invited to attend the three-day conference.

Innovation and collaborative action

Participants will learn about new and emerging issues in humanitarian action, climate change adaptation and DRR. Collaborative sessions will identify innovative solutions to localisation, and organisations from across the sector will be able to create new partnerships for action and advocacy. 

The role of communities and civil society in shaping national and international policy will be at the forefront of the conversation. GNDR member organisations will also have the chance to present their latest projects and best practice from the front line of disasters.

Registration and sponsorship

Individuals who are affiliates of GNDR member organisations will be given the opportunity to apply for sponsorship to attend the event. Successful applicants will have their flight and accommodation costs covered. Applications for sponsorship will open in October 2023 and GNDR members will be notified by email.

General registration for the event will open in late November 2023 on the GNDR website. 

Keep up to date

The full agenda for the event will be developed in consultation with GNDR members, partners  and funders, and will be announced in November 2023. 

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