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Partnership opportunities

Are you ready to be part of a global event dedicated to building the resilience of communities most at risk of disasters?

We recognise that event sponsorship is more than just a financial contribution – it’s a partnership founded on shared values and a common vision. Your support represents a powerful commitment to making a difference to communities most at risk of disasters.

The Global Summit will take place on 20-22 February 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya. Attendees will discuss new and emerging issues in anticipatory action, climate change adaptation and DRR. Collaborative sessions will identify innovative solutions to localisation, and organisations from across the world will  create new partnerships for action and advocacy. 

Global Summit 2024

Find out more about the Global Summit for Disaster Risk Reduction including the full agenda, speakers and registration.

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Partnership benefits

1. Gain visibility 

The Global Summit provides your organisation with a unique platform for increased visibility within the international risk reduction sector. Your organisation and logo will feature on the event website, promotional materials and social media as an event partner.

2. Priority engagement and participation

As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the event agenda. Your insights and expertise will be valued, and you’ll have a seat at the table during key discussions and sessions.

3. Network and collaborate

Sponsorship opens doors to meaningful connections and partnerships with a diverse group of stakeholders, including CSOs, government agencies and global institutions. Forge valuable relationships and explore collaborative opportunities that align with your organisation’s mission and goals.

4. Show your commitment

Show your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance (ESG) by supporting communities at risk and enabling change makers on the ground to build resilience.

5. Thought leadership and influence

Showcase your organisation’s thought leadership on a global stage. Be recognised as a key player in driving positive change, advocating for resilience, and advancing sustainable development.

6. Post-event recognition

After the summit, your organisation will be acknowledged in post-event communications, demonstrating our appreciation for your invaluable support.

Partnership options

Supporting partner

For companies and institutions that wish to support the Global Summit

  • Acknowledgement on the Global Summit website
  • Two tickets to the event
  • Half page advert in the event brochure
  • Inclusion of logo on all event promotional material and social media

Donation: $10,000


For companies and institutions that wish to have priority engagement at the Global Summit

  • Participation in the agenda
  • Priority recognition on the Global Summit website
  • Five tickets to the event
  • Full-page advert in the Global Summit brochure 
  • Priority inclusion of logo on all event promotional material  and social media

Donation: $25,000

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss a Global Summit partnership with us please contact our Senior Fundraiser, Felix Martin, via email: .

Global Summit supporters

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About GNDR

Established in 2007, GNDR is now a network of more than 1,700 civil society organisations in 130 countries. It is our belief that the voices and experiences of communities most at risk should inform local decisions and shape national and international policies. 

As a global network we collaborate closely with local governments, CSOs, and grassroots organisations – predominantly in the Global South. Our mission is to empower communities to influence decisions regarding resource allocations, development and risk reduction. 

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