GPDRR: Highlights from 24 May

24 May 2022


Today was the second day of preparation for GPDRR. The day began with the members’ briefing led by Shivangi Chavda, Senior Regional Lead at GNDR. GNDR members exchanged experiences and were given an update on the progress made on day one, and were briefed ahead of day two events led by GNDR.

During the morning briefing, Bangladeshi GNDR member, Friendship Bangladesh, launched their policy brief on Community-Initiated Disaster Risk Reduction, which was jointly evaluated by ICCCAD and GNDR. A GNDR member from India, EFFICOR, also disseminated their work on the District Level Community Plan.

Rebecca Murphy, Policy Lead at GNDR led a session on the Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework where she energised key reflections made by various groups. Interesting points were made around the impact of Covid-19 on achieving the Sendai Priorities. GNDR members made reference to the need for data-based evidence for taking decisions around risk-informed development. References were made to our call to action, including what should be done by CSOs rather than delegating responsibilities to other stakeholders.

Parallel sessions during the day included the Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism (SEM) feedback sessions, which will feed into the main GPDRR sessions starting tomorrow.

Women-led groups from Asia Pacific and Central America presented best practice on advancing SFDRR at the local level. Other key sessions included technology, knowledge and DRR, which focused on bridging the gap between academia, local scientists and DRR actors at the local level. Emphasis was made on proactive inclusion of social scientists in addressing the issues of community resilience.

Tomorrow the GPDRR official events will be open, beginning with the official Opening Ceremony.

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