Explore forced displacement risk data

Community-level data from our Making Displacement Safer programme is free and openly accessible to everyone.

Data from 11 countries

We’ve surveyed over 4,900 displaced individuals and interviewed over 150 government and civil society representatives. Our local-level data can be used for risk assessments in 11 countries.

By using the evidence we’ve gathered, policymakers, civil society organisations and communities can make risk-informed decisions on development plans and activities.


The data covers a range of disaster risk reduction themes including:

  • Threats urban displaced people face – and their consequences
  • Actions and barriers to dealing with threats
  • How individuals have been affected by disasters
  • Risk governance
  • Factors preventing and facilitating the inclusion of displaced people

Disaggregated local-level risk data

Our data dashboard enables you to disaggregate the data and view responses for different respondents, particular groups of people and locations.

The data can be filtered by:

  • Country
  • Community
  • Respondents (i.e. displaced individuals, civil society organisations or local authorities)
  • Settlement types

You can also view responses from particular groups:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Persons with disabilities

Additional disaggregation includes:

  • Causes of displacement
  • Amount of time individuals have been displaced
  • Whether displaced individuals have benefitted from welfare support

How to navigate the dashboard

The controls at the bottom of the dashboard enable you to scroll through the six pages of data. From the second page onwards, the orange filter system on the left enables you to filter the data: as you do so the graphs will automatically update to reflect your selections. You can also select individual sections of each graph to explore more in-depth information.

Making displacement safer

We’re listening to people displaced by conflict and disasters – and working with them and their communities to develop their locally-led, innovative solutions to improving lives and livelihoods. Find out more about our project.

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