Disasters are NOT natural!

Banner from the campaign "Disasters are NOT natural" Banner from the campaign "Disasters are NOT natural" Illustration by Nexo

Launch of the on-line campaign ”Disasters are NOT natural!”

Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 14th 2015

In the speeches of leaders, in scientific language, in the missions and functions of social organizations, in media coverage, in statements on social networks; and everywhere: we find the expression “natural disasters”.

Those of us who work in disaster risk reduction know that this expression is harmful. It facilitates the concealment of the human, political and social responsibility that exists behind every disaster caused by natural or technological threats. It confounds threats with risk and discriminates against vulnerability.

Disasters are not natural; they are products of historically determined social processes. Risk is not an objective concept and should be understood by and through the imaginaries of peoples.

Twenty-two years after the publication "Disasters are not natural!", a compilation of articles by Andrew Maskrey and published by La Red, this campaign by Nexo is framed, and comes to force, with the seminar taken place in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on "Social sciences and disaster risk: an inconclusive encounter", organized by the Institute of geography and PIRNA, University of Buenos Aires Argentina; LA RED (network of social studies on disaster prevention in Latin America); UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Manizales, Colombia, Master's degree in regional development and planning) and LPED (Laboratoire Population Environnement Développement, Aix Marseille).

The emergence of the networked world, facilitated by the Internet and other technologies has opened new and powerful spaces involving new forms of communication. Social networking and virtual spaces allow users to dictate the agenda, be part of the process and become actively involved in them.

Therefore, under the premise that communication is no longer a static whole but that decomposes into dynamic and ever-changing parts, to empower audiences, Nexo presents its on-line campaign "Disasters are not natural".

Be a part of the community!

How to participate?

The campaign will develop through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn networks. Its goal is to spread this message, share experiences and to include people who work on this topic. The Nexo website will be the meeting point for all those meeting in the social networks.

Duration: 14/09/15 to 22/09/15
Organized by GNDR member: Nexo
Title of the campaign: "Los desastres no son naturales"


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