Local leadership for global impact

Our vision

A world in which everyone works together to strengthen the resilience of people most at risk and prevent hazards from becoming disasters.

Our goals

Our three goals are:

  1. Strengthen the collaboration, solidarity and mobilisation of civil society organisations
  2. Champion a localisation movement
  3. Strive for risk-informed development

A short summary of our strategy document is available which gives a brief overview of each section.

We have a dedicated strategy website which sets our vision, three goals, the key drivers of risk that communities face, as well as the principles we follow, and the main roles that our network of member organisations play. The strategy website is available to view in English, French and Spanish.

The full strategy publication provides more details on all chapters, plus in-depth explanations of what localisation, risk-informed development, and collaboration mean – and how we will achieve them as a network.

The 2020-25 strategy is available in PDF format in four languages:

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