How to identify trends and draw conclusions from the Views from the Frontline data

This resource is designed to be used alongside our Views from the Frontline data dashboard. Views from the Frontline is the largest independent global review of disaster risk conducted entirely at the local level.

The openly accessible data provides the results of interviews with over 100,000 community members, local authorities and civil society organisations in over 700 at-risk communities. The dashboard enables you to disaggregate the data and view responses for different respondents, particular groups of people and locations.

This training video is ideal if you want to use our data for research or reporting purposes, at the local or national level in one of the 49 countries surveyed.

You will be guided through how to extract interesting bits of information from the data, how to prioritise your findings and draw original conclusions.

The video also explains how your own findings and conclusions can be used to design local action plans and advocacy messages for campaigns.

The video is a recording of a live training session that was originally provided to our Views from the Frontline national partner organisations who implemented the project in their country. The results of their data analysis resulted in the publication of national reports, and our global report.

Recorded in 2019, this training video is available in English, French and Spanish.

How to identify trends and draw conclusions

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