Views from the Frontline report 2013

Views from the Frontline is now the largest independent global review of disaster risk conducted entirely at the local level.

Our 2013 report brought together the views of 21,500 participants from 57 low and middle-income countries. It revealed persistent trends and gaps in strengthening community resilience and made recommendations for a post‐2015 disaster risk reduction framework to strengthen the resilience of communities to all hazards.

Recognising the impact of disasters on lives, livelihoods and assets was a key theme that came from our 2013 consultation. Prioritising the most at-risk, poorest and marginalised people, while also tackling the underlying causes of people’s vulnerability to disasters was a key area outcome of our research.

The requirement to mobilise political commitment by focusing on rights, responsibilities and accountabilities, and promoting partnerships and public participation was also highlighted.

The Views from the Frontline report 2013 is available in English.

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