Share an impact story about your work

23 June 2023


We’re collecting stories from GNDR members who are interested in sharing their stories of impact to inspire the GNDR community.

It can be anything from inclusion of at risk-communities in DRR planning, doing risk-informed development in a specific context to innovative approaches to building disaster resilience. We are interested in stories that can inspire our global community. What works in one context may be replicated in another one.

Other examples of stories may include:

  • Reducing hazards (eg Covid-19, floods or drought)
  • Tackling risk drivers (eg climate change, conflict, gender inequality, urbanisation, forced displacement, or food and water insecurity)
  • Reducing discrimination or exclusion faced by different group of people (eg women, persons with disability, older people, ethnic groups, LGBTQ+)
  • Improving in community participation, decision-making process, or access to resources for development

All GNDR members are eligible to submit an impact story.

To write a good impact story, please consider the following:

  • Tell us how you and your organisation have been involved with the network
  • Describe the country context you work in, for example the hazards communities face or barriers to development
  • Briefly explain one activity, project or campaign your organisation has done in the last 12 months
  • Tell us how communities have benefited from your activity, project or campaign

All impact stories will be read and reviewed by a member of Secretariat staff. A selection of stories will be published in our newsletter, on our website, in our annual report or on social media.

To submit a story please complete our short form in your preferred language:

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