UNDRR & GNDR: call for stories

15 October 2020


Do you know an inspiring individual who has helped build community resilience and reduced the risk of disasters? If yes, we’d like to hear from you.

The stories will be used in a new campaign called Faces of Resilience by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and GNDR.

We would like to tell the story of individuals who have played a major role in reducing the risk of disasters in a particular community.

We welcome stories from and about people and social groups who experience exclusion or discrimination.

Examples of disaster risk reduction could be:

  • Reducing potential hazards like floods or drought
  • Tackling climate change, conflict, gender inequality, urbanisation, forced displacement, or food and water insecurity
  • Removing barriers to the benefits of development for a particular group of people (e.g. due to exclusion or discrimination)
  • Improvements in community participation in decision-making, or greater community access to resources

We will review all stories and then shortlist five. If possible, we would like to conduct a short video interview with the inspiring individuals, and take photos of them and the community where they have reduced disaster risk.

The deadline for sharing a story is 1 November 2020.

Submit your story online here now.

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