12 September: Developing influential advocacy messages

5 September 2022


Monday 12 September 2022

07:00 CST  |  10:00 BET  |  14:00 BST |  16:00 EAT  |  18:30 IST 

Two hours

English, with interpretation in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Participants can join this event online. Please register in advance using the link below.


This seminar aims to facilitate learning around themes emerging from our Local Leadership from Global Impact programme. As well as an overview of our key policy messages and the international spaces in which we are promoting them, we will share practical advice on influencing policy change at the local and national level. Examples from climate and anticipatory action work will be shared, with the opportunity for open discussion and an update on plans for the upcoming influencing GNDR aim to achieve at COP27 climate negotiations.

This online event is open to anyone, anywhere. Translation in five languages will be provided and so members speaking French, Spanish, Portuguese or Arabic are encouraged to attend.

The webinar will support GNDR members to further understand how policy is developed and how we can best position ourselves as civil society organisations to influence its content and how it is applied or reviewed.  Members will be able to strengthen their practical advocacy skills, as well as join conversations in regards to influencing national and international policy. Themes of climate justice and anticipatory action will be used to provide examples.

  • Becky Murphy, Policy Lead, GNDR
  • Shivangi Chavda, Senior Regional Lead, GNDR

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