Employee benefits and wellbeing

We’re committed to cultivating a happy and healthy working environment for all our staff

Our values

We champion people’s wellbeing and a working culture based on our core values.

These values guide our work with colleagues, and between the secretariat and members and other partner organisations.

  • Trust and openness to listen, share and learn from one another that enables us to build consensus and mutual understanding
  • Transparency and mutual accountability
  • Equity and respect for diverse identities, needs and perspectives
  • Commitment to work together in a collaborative, inclusive and participatory manner

Employee benefits

Working hours

Our full time staff work 35 hours per week.

Annual leave 

We offer a generous holiday allowance of 33 days for all staff. This will be made up of leave and public holidays which vary depending on the country you reside in. The entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis for part-time staff. Staff can also carry forward up to five annual leave days to the following year. Our office is normally closed between Christmas and New Year and staff are not required to use annual leave to cover this period. 

Family leave

We have policies in place to support family leave and pay.


We offer provision for pension to all our staff.

Life assurance

We offer a life assurance scheme paying four times the employee’s annual salary in the unfortunate event of death during employment.

Medical insurance

We offer a contribution towards private healthcare for staff based in countries where a nationwide healthcare system does not exist.

Our approach to wellbeing

Employee assistance programme

We offer confidential wellbeing support through our EAP provider. This includes access to six counselling sessions and plenty of online resources.

Flexible working 

In order to support and encourage a healthy work-life balance for our staff, we are happy to consider flexible working requests as part of our recruitment process.

Flexible working options are available for existing staff in line with our policy. The current policy incorporates a combination of options including hybrid working, part-time and variable start and finish times. Due to being a global organisation, most staff work remotely depending on their role and location.

We also provide time off in lieu if staff have worked significantly more than their contractual working hours.

Learning and development

We fully support and encourage the continuous learning and development of our staff to ensure everyone is fully equipped to thrive and progress in their careers.

Travel insurance

We provide travel insurance for all staff while travelling internationally in order to cover the cost of any emergency treatment that may be necessary.