We’re working with 15 communities in the Maldives to ensure that development is informed by the perspectives of people most at risk.


Random household surveys


Civil society surveys


Local government surveys

Key findings and conclusions at the national level

  • Engagement of communities for assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring risk reduction activities needs to be adopted and institutionalised
  • Threats posed by underlying vulnerabilities and recurrent hazards need to be addressed effectively to build the resilience of communities most at risk, especially by adopting a coherent approach developmental planning
  • Capacities of local government representatives, civil society organisations and communities need to be developed to implement risk reduction plans and activities at the local level

Surveys undertaken in the Maldives

Our Views from the Frontline surveys in Maldives were undertaken in 2019.

Who was surveyed?

We surveyed 691 random households, 150 civil society organisations, 150 local government representatives, and undertook 75 community consultations.

Risk locations prioritised

We prioritised five risk areas:

  • Upper North Region
  • North Region
  • Central & South Central Region
  • Upper South Region
  • South Region

Communities surveyed

We surveyed people from 15 communities: Hoarafushi, Dhidhdhoo, Nolhivaranfaru, Maroshi, Holhudhoo, Alifushi, Thimarafushi, Gan, Kolhufushi, Vilingili, Gemanafushi, Madaveli, Vaadhoo, Gandhdhoo, Feydhoo.

“Climate change and disaster risk reduction are frequently discussed topics at high-level meetings as well as policy planning. However, these are not very common in development planning and project implementation at island levels or atoll level.”

Representative from Kanduhulhudhoo Island Development Society and Local Government Authority Board Member, Maldives

Our impact

Activities undertaken in response to community-level findings and conclusions

  • Community-based waste management plans with training and awareness on waste management practices – including providing waste collection dustbins to be installed at different public places
  • Formulation of participatory disaster preparedness and risk reduction plans integrating climate change adaptation activities such as climate smart agriculture
  • Conducted skills development training programme in partnership with the local council and NGOs
  • Provided training on increasing resilience of coastal communities to local government officials and NGOs
  • Coastal protection through planting tree, mangroves, plus with awareness raising on soft intervention for coastal protection

Impact of activities

  • These activities will build the capacity of local councils, NGOs and community-based organisations in the island to conduct assessments at community level to minimise the risks from erosion
  • The skills development training programme enables youth to get employed and reduces issues of drug and substance abuse
  • Strengthening of the capacities of local government representatives, civil society organisations and communities in implementing risk reduction plans and activities at the local level, leading to better disaster preparedness

Surveys undertaken in the Maldives

Our Views from the Frontline programme is implemented by GNDR member organisations and partners in the country.

National coordinating organisation

  • Huvadhoo Aid

Partner organisations

  • Maldives Youth Action Network
  • Maavahi
  • Aware Society
  • South Huvadhoo Partners

View all data from the Maldives

You can view all our Views from the Frontline survey data using our data dashboard. You can also learn more about our methodology for selecting at-risk areas and survey respondents.

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