We’re working with 15 communities in Niger to ensure that development is informed by the perspectives of people most at risk.


Random household surveys


Civil society surveys


Local government surveys

Key findings and conclusions at the national level

  • Ecosystems and their management are neglected
  • There is a lack of community participation in government-led processes for risk reduction assessments, planning, implementation and monitoring
  • A lack of policies and structures increase the risk of communities, especially to floods

Surveys undertaken in Niger

Our Views from the Frontline surveys in Niger were undertaken in 2019.

Who was surveyed?

We surveyed 1,090 random households, 169 civil society organisations, 156 local government representatives, and undertook 75 community consultations.

Risk locations prioritised

We prioritised four risk areas:

  • Diffa
  • Dosso
  • Niamey
  • Tillabéry

Communities surveyed

We surveyed people from 15 communities: Lada, Tam, Tourba, Lamara, Monboye Tounga, Guirawa, Belandé, Afoda Madé, Soudouré, Saga, Neni Goungou, Soumatte, Sargane, Tolkobaye and Koutoukale.

“We are between a rock and a hard place: on the south side the terrorist threat and on the north side the flooding of the Komadougou River that threatens our cultures. We are left to ourselves and resign ourselves to God.”

Community representative, Lada-Diffa, Niger

Our impact

Activities undertaken in response to community-level findings and conclusions

  • Conducted training workshops for protecting the rights of women
  • Updated local municipality development plans to integrate DRR and CCA
  • Raised awareness amongst youth about radical groups
  • Undertook activities to restore degraded land and protect ecosystems in communities

Impact of activities

  • Communities members – especially women and youth – have greater knowledge of disaster risk reduction measures
  • Communities have been included in assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring of risk reduction plans and activities at the local level
  • Communities have developed skills to carry out anti-erosion works integrating traditional techniques, which will improve production and increase resilience to the harmful effects of climate change

Our project partners in Niger

Our Views from the Frontline programme is implemented by GNDR member organisations and partners in the country.

National coordinating organisation

  • Réseau de la Jeunesse Nigérienne sur les Changements Climatiques

Partner organisations

  • L’Association des Scouts du Niger
  • Groupe d’Appui au Développement Rural: GADR-RA (SHIRIN GOBE)
  • ONG Tedhelte

View all data from Niger

You can view all our Views from the Frontline survey data using our data dashboard. You can also learn more about our methodology for selecting at-risk areas and survey respondents.

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European Union

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Photo credit

Fisher women on the River Niger by Julien Harneis on Flickr