We’re working with 15 communities in Sudan to ensure that development is informed by the perspectives of people most at risk.


Random household surveys


Civil society surveys


Local government surveys

Key findings and conclusions at the national level

  • Communities don’t feel included in local government planning of new polices at all, or to a very limited extent
  • There is an information gap about disaster risk and losses: the government is producing more information about disasters, but this information isn’t reaching communities
  • Communities are not included in the DRR processes by the government

Surveys undertaken in Sudan

Our Views from the Frontline surveys in Sudan were undertaken in 2019.

Who was surveyed?

We surveyed 1,222 random households, 150 civil society organisations, 150 local government representatives, and undertook 75 community consultations.

Risk locations prioritised

We prioritised the risk area of North Khartoum.

Communities surveyed

We surveyed people from 15 communities: Alkadaru, Wad Ramli, Al- Sagay, Al-julee, Dabek, Alfkeehashim, Al- Silait, Al-Kumur, GalatMaleek, Wawse, Healt Hamd, Shmbaat, Wad alsih, Alhlfia and Alezrgab.

Our impact

Activities undertaken in response to community-level findings and conclusions

  • The construction of a river pier, the maintenance of classroom floors and sanitation issues in the school were discussed during community level planning process
  • Awareness activities were conducted with stakeholders on disaster risk reduction and climate change issues prevailing in the community
  • Communities were provided with water tanks and a school fence was strengthened

Impact of activities

  • Community members, in particular women, were involved in assessment, planning, implementation, and monitoring of risk reduction plans and disaster management activities
  • Community members were involved in activities to reduce disaster risk and climate change
  • The role of community leaders in school level planning, community planning and environment protection has been strengthened

Our project partners in Sudan

Our Views from the Frontline programme is implemented by GNDR member organisations and partners in the country.

National coordinating organisation

  • Sudanese Environment and Conservation Society

Partner organisations

  • Sudan National Discourse Forum (SNDF)
  • Youth In Action Organisation (YAO)

View all data from Sudan

You can view all our Views from the Frontline survey data using our data dashboard. You can also learn more about our methodology for selecting at-risk areas and survey respondents.

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