In this 5-part video series participants will get an overview of fundraising including types of funding and donors, building a consortium and key elements of funding proposal.

In the first video participants will learn how fundraising fits into the project management cycle; common mistakes in funding proposals and how to avoid them

Why applications fail

In the second video participants will learn how to build an understanding of and approach donors; how to link fundraising to organisational strategy and what information to include to submit successful applications

In the third video participants will learn about the different types of donors (for example: institutional donors, corporate donors and high net worth individuals) and different types of funding (grants, impact bonds and results-based funding)

In the fourth video participants will develop a better understanding of how to build a consortium; key elements of a proposal (strategy, visibility and implications) and donor matching.

The last video of the series focuses on two key elements when developing a proposal: the logical framework (objectives, outputs, activities, indicators and sources of verification)and the budget.

This series was delivered by Management for Development as part of GNDR Local Leadership Academy

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