Project Management

This 4 part video series gives participants an overview of project management, approaches, tools and evaluation.

In the first video participants will get an overview of the 5 stages of the project cycle and understand key concepts of Project Management. They will also learn about criteria to consider when designing a project in disaster reduction, for example the appropriateness, relevance and effectiveness of a response and the strengthening of local capacities.

What is a project?

The second video describes the initiation of a project stage including the stakeholder analysis and a rapid feasibility assessment. Participants will learn about the documents to be developed during this stage including the Project Initiation Document (PID)

In the third video participants will learn about the logical framework approach, the specific characteristics and the features of this approach.

In this last video of the project management series participants will learn about relevant data to collect to monitor the project, tools and engagement with stakeholders. They will then learn about different approaches to evaluation, resources, accountability and methodologies.

This series was delivered by the Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action as part of GNDR Local Leadership Academy

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