Assessing a prospective partner or partnership

This tool is part of our How to Strengthen Collaboration toolkit for civil society organisations. PDF and Word checklist versions of this individual resource are available for download at the bottom of the page.

This resource can be used to:

  1. To ensure a transparent and rigorous partnership assessment and approval process
  2. To assess the value, risks and implications of a partnership opportunity and inform a go/no-go decision
  3. To assess the value, risks and implications of partnering with a specific organisation and to assist partner selection    

The downloadable tool is broken down into two parts:

Part 1: Prospective partnership assessment

Part one of this tool looks at the prospective partnership as a whole, to help you gauge whether partnering is the right approach to tackle this issue or opportunity, and whether this particular partnership is right for the organisation.

Part 2: Individual partner assessment

Part two looks at a specific individual partner (or partners), to assess whether this is the right organisation to collaborate with.

This tool is available for download in English:


Note: Many of the criteria for assessment used in this tool are not quantifiable or comparable (e.g. assessing levels of risk versus potential value is often a subjective exercise). The results are therefore intended to assist in decision-making, not as a set of absolute calculations.


This resource was developed by GNDR and The Partnering Initiative as part of the Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Development project.

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