How to strengthen collaboration

This practical toolkit is designed to support civil society organisations to create and sustain impactful partnerships.

Filled with easy-to-use templates, checklists and guidance, the resource is designed to address the barriers to effective collaboration.

The guide starts with an overview of the benefits of partnering in the third sector. It then reviews all key areas of the partnering cycle including: scoping and building; managing and maintaining; reviewing and revising; and moving on, renegotiating, and sustaining partnerships.

Seven individual tools are provided along with guidance on how to use them. The seven tools can also be accessed individually in both PDF and Word formats:

  1. Writing a partnering policy
  2. Identifying the added value of partnerships
  3. Assessing prospective partnerships
  4. Partnership agreement template
  5. Partnership health check tool
  6. How to partner with the private sector
  7. Transitioning out of a partnership

The full toolkit is available in PDF format in three languages:


This resource was developed by GNDR and The Partnering Initiative as part of the Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Development project.

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