Strengthening social movements framework

Progressive social movements have been intensifying worldwide, in part, triggered by long-standing injustice illuminated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Together, people in these movements are strengthening civil society, promoting citizen agency, countering closing civic space, decolonising aid, shifting power, and attempting to transform post-pandemic societies.

Movement-strengthening actors such as funders, civil society organisations, international non-governmental organisations, local nongovernmental organisations and the private sector are strengthening these movements in pivotal ways.

The seven actions introduced in the framework are: investing, learning, connecting, influencing, assessing, leveraging data and embracing movement values. Each action is explained, along with thought-provoking questions which prompt actors to consider putting them into practice.

This resource was originally produced as part of a consortium project called Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Development, led by Christian Aid, and eight other organisations including GNDR. Funded by the UK Government, the project aimed to reduce poverty, realise rights and improve the wellbeing of the most marginalised people in Myanmar, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Whilst much of the content is directed towards the specific needs of consortium partners in each country, the approaches and framework actions can be applied to a variety of social movements.

The resource also contains a useful glossary of terminology and a reference section which highlights useful further reading on the topic.

This publication was prepared by Dr. Jacqueline del Castillo in consultation with Laura Brown (Womankind Worldwide) and Maureen Olyaro (FEMNET).

Published in 2021, this resource is available in English.

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