Views from the Frontline report 2011

Views from the Frontline is now the largest independent global review of disaster risk conducted entirely at the local level.

In 2011, our second Views from the Frontline review was undertaken. The focus this time was on local risk governance. Information management, communication, consultation, coordination, decision-making and allocation of resources by local governments are the building blocks of local risk governance. We aimed to find out what’s working and what isn’t. The scale of the review was increased to include 20,000 people from 69 countries, plus additional 36,000 responses gathered by mobile phone texts.

This report provides an insight into our 2011 data, findings and policy recommendations.

  • 57% of people interviewed felt that disaster losses had increased over the last five years, compared to 21% that felt that they had decreased
  • Over 42% of people believed their community was at a high or very high risk of disasters
  • The least progress in risk reduction was found to be happening where the threat to lives and livelihoods is greatest
  • We also found that local governments and communities often share similar views on changes in disaster losses and disaster threats

The Views from the Frontline report 2011 is available in English.

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